The ever creative Choreographer/Director/Producer/Abstract Artist Jeff Dimitriou is back in the house! Jeff has such a wonderfully huge heart and he is sharing it all with us today!! I consider myself so lucky to sit and discuss art, life, and love with him and even more blessed to be able to share it with you!

In this is episode:

  • the importance of men coming forward and sharing their experiencing of sexual assault/abuse
  • How to promote yourself in an authentic way on social media
  • How to learn the lessons you need to from each project
  • Why telling your story will help fuel your creativity and help deepen your artistry
  • Why it is important to be in charge of your own potential
  • How to stop saying yes to everything and pick projects that give you joy!

Jeff Dimitriou: How To Live In The Heart Of Your Art

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Jeff:

Jeff Dimitriou is a World Renowned Choreographer, director, creator and artist.

Jeff Dimitriou’s artistic projects include creating for film, television, world ceremonies, theatre, live events, and art installations. He is the creator of JDX Creative and Glitz Event Entertainment. 

He has created 6 original JDX Creative theatrical stage presentations that are currently playing worldwide with plans to open a satellite office in Bombay, India. 

Jeff has the rare privilege of working in many different genres of the arts and production. From world touring theatre productions, to choreographing and directing for mass games such as The Pan American Games, Parapan Games and FIFA World Cup to such esteemed organizations as Cirque du Soleil, the NHL, and MLB.  He also works extensively in Film & Television as a choreographer, director and producer with such projects as Schitt’s Creek, Anne of Green Gables, UnReal, amongst hundreds of others and the soon to be released short “STIGMA”, while producing and creating new  theatre projects such as “The Warrior” to be workshopped with the prestigious CMTP Project, and “The Complex” for 2019. 

He also travels the world educating and sharing knowledge with workshops, conventions and a new travel project aimed at bringing together movement, wellness, joy and the heart of art. 

“My focus is now solely based on what brings me joy. Creatively, artistically, and personally.”

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JDX Creative


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