Cue To Cue, The Performers’ Podcast is where creative artists toot their horns and tell their stories.
Guests include performers and business leaders dedicated to the Arts, Artists’ Opportunities and Innovation.

Chelsea Johnson creates an intimate interview experience that inspires listeners to create, thrive and grow as artists.


Chelsea has an intriguing super power. She can connect in a flash and build insight and inspiration with just a microphone!

Denise Donlan

Former Much Music Manager | Former Sony Music Canada President

One of the best entrepreneurial experiences I’ve had was being on Chelsea's podcast.
It was my first ever and I wasn’t used to talking about myself like that. She made everything seem so smooth and easy. Time just ended up flying by. I had so much fun learning about her and realized some things about myself as well that I haven’t thought about in a long time.
It created a bond between us. It’s something that I will cherish and never forget in my lifetime.

Oliver Riera

Actor | Teacher | Creator

Chelsea’s podcast is a funny, entertaining and illuminating haven for us as we navigate the ups and downs of the industry, our own personal creative slumps or triumphs, and search for a true sense of community.
Her podcast allows artists to tell the truth of their experiences, and gives listeners the chance to “meet” artists who are new to them, and to get an intimate look at their artistic process, and their lives.

Lisa Brescia

Broadway Performer | Teacher

It was a great experience being interviewed for Cue to Cue. Chelsea's questions allowed me to reflect on my craft and realize things about my creative process I hadn't previously thought of. It was very insightful.

Josh Shultz

Writer | Filmmaker


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