Comedian/Writer/Actor Cara Connors brought so much passion for her vision and what she wants to accomplish to the show. I love being around people who are passionate about what they do. It is energizing, inspiring, and reminds you of what is possible in your own life.

Sometimes as artists we can fall into the mindset of feeling like we need to be validated or given the permission to ask to be “seen” out of fear of stepping on someone’s toes. Cara blows the lid off of this type of thinking and I could not agree more! At one point in the interview, we were discussing contacting people for opportunities and “jumping the line” so to speak, and Cara proclaimed, “Let them tell me, no, ‘cause I am not going to tell myself no!”.  How often are a daily basis are you telling yourself no?

Cara has only been doing comedy for a few years and in that time she has accomplished a lot. She openly shared her goals and dreams with me and does not see any reason why her or anyone else should not proclaim what they want aloud and go for it, “A lot of people I notice don’t like to vocalize what their actual goals are because they don’t want to say that my dream is to do A, B, or C because then if I don’t achieve it, how embarrassing… and I’m like..Go crazy! I think it’s embarrassing to not do that and to be scared of something that hasn’t happened!” 

Put it out there! Maybe you’ll reach your goal, maybe you won’t but one thing is for sure you will never get there by thinking about it. I hope you play this one last quote from Cara in your head on a daily basis, “I don’t think there is anything that I don’t deserve to do and I don’t think there is anything that anyone else doesn’t deserve to do.” Get out there and get your ask in gear!

In this episode:

  • the hilariously wonderful things we get asked to do in commercial auditions
  • how to get around your head junk and learn to ask for what you want
  • Why you need to declare your dreams and goals
  • What she believes makes great comedy

Cara Connors: “Let Them Tell Me No! I Am Not Going To Tell Myself No!”

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A Little about Cara:

Cara Connors, a native Chicagoan turned Canadian, is a regular contributing writer for CBC Comedy, just filmed her first major television taping for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival this past April, and is currently creating and starring in a series of original digital sketches for CBC Comedy. 

In just two short years, Cara has quickly established herself as one of the fastest rising and hardest working new talents on the Canadian comedy scene.

Cara is a recent graduate of the Second City Conservatory, can be heard on Sirius XM’s Canada Laughs, was first runner-up at the prestigious She-Devil Comedy Festival in New York City, and was a headliner at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival.  Her sketch duo “Only One of Us Is Jewish” performed at this year’s Toronto Sketchfest as well as the Big City Improv Festival. Cara also hosts a weekly stand-up show, was nominated for the “Best Female Rookie Comedian” at the I Heart Jokes Awards, and a short film she co-starred in was selected as an official nominee for “Best Short Film” at the Canadian Comedy Awards and as a Top 20 finalist for Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Short Film contest as a part of this year's Just For Laughs. Cara has performed in Chicago, New York City, and Montreal and has appeared in multiple national commercials. She is known for her bold, high-energy performances that mix character-driven stories, biting wit, and absurdist takes on the everyday struggles of modern life.

Facebook: @caraconnscomedy

Twitter: @connors_cara

Instagram: @caraconnorscomedy


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