The one thing that I have always thought about when it comes to the relationship between editors and actors was…well… it is pretty non-existent. The worlds are pretty far apart yet we are so heavily reliant on the product that both sides of the equation produce in order to tell stories well.

This is why I was so excited to sit down with picture editor Jay Prychidny on Cue To Cue. To be able to sit-down and confirm somethings I believed about the cutting room floor but also to dispel some myths about the editing process. I think the biggest surprise for me was how similar our crafts are in the way we approach the work and the skill set that need to create powerful projects.

I learned a lot in speaking with Jay and I think you will too! Take notes!

In this episode:

  • What the biggest misunderstanding that actors have about the editing process
  • Why he decided to pursue editing instead of directing or writing
  • How developing an emotional and self-awareness has been the biggest skill and asset to his work as a picture editor
  • What he considers to be the hardest types of roles for actors
  • The best piece of advice he received when he desired to make a shift in his career.

Jay Prychidny: Hone Your Craft, Take Risks, And The Power Of Collaboration

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Jay:

Jay Prychidny is a multiple award-winning picture editor who has worked across a variety of scripted and factual genres. He won back-to-back Canadian Screen Awards in 2017 & 2018 for editing Orphan Black and The Amazing Race Canada. He edited on Orphan Black for the last four seasons, and was promoted to the role of post producer for seasons 4 & 5 to supervise the editing, sound, music and visual effects for every episode. He was also a producer, director and supervising picture editor on the CSA and BAFTA winning youth series, The Next Step, for which he was given a Canadian Cinema Editors award in 2014. He was also a consulting producer and supervising picture editor on The Next Step's spin-off series for Netflix entitled, Lost & Found Music Studios. In addition to working in scripted television, he has edited some of the most-watched reality series in Canada, including The Amazing Race Canada, The Week the Women Went, Top Chef Canada and Canada's Next Top Model, for which he won a Gemini and CCE award for best editing in 2010/2011. He is currently editing the next season of Into the Badlands for AMC, which was one of cable TV's top 10 highest-rated scripted series in 2017.

Follow Jay!

Instagram: @theprychid

Twitter: @theprychid


Did you enjoy the podcast?

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