How do we find the strength to be ourselves as artists? To go with the flow of how other people see us yet still remain true to who we are and our own vision for ourselves and career? Talk about a delicate balance!

Singer/Actor Jeigh Madjus is joining the conversation on Cue To Cue today and is opening up about his own journey to find that delicate balance as a performer. Working to go against racial typecasting while still wanting to work as performers, to having a realization that he can embrace who he, have a career and be an example for those who don’t see themselves represented not only artists but in the stories we see told.

Jeigh is an absolute joy to be around and his honesty and humility about his life as an artist is both refreshing and made me laugh out loud!

In this episode:

  • Why you need to stop changing who you are for auditions to fit what you think they want
  • How yoga can help you to grow as a performer and help with creativity.
  • Why focusing on the process of everything has allowed him to be happier
  • The game-changing workshop that changed the way he approached everything as a performer
  • Reframing nerves and auditions.

Jeigh Madjus: Finding Success As An Artist By Being Your True Self

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Jeigh:

Jeigh was born and raised in Toronto. He’s a Music Theatre graduate of Etobicoke School of the Arts and Sheridan College. Selected credits: David Byrne’s Here Lies Love (The Public Theater), Jacob in La Cage (1st National), Donkey in Shrek (Rainbow Stage), Lola in Prison Dancer: The Musical and web series, Chip Tolentino in Spelling Bee (STC), Mark in Altar Boyz (Dora nominated), Myths and Hymns, and Servitude (Alliance) . This summer, Jeigh will be originating the role of Babydoll in the Boston pre-Broadway world premiere of Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

Follow Jeigh!

Twitter: @jeighmadjus

Instagram: @jeighmadjus


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