Performance and Wellness Coach Marin Smit joins us on Cue To Cue today! I am a huge advocate of Mentors and Coaches. Almost everything that I am most proud of that I have accomplished in my life can be connected to someone who could help me see my blind spots, prioritize my goals and push me towards my vision. As creatives and performers, we are usually quite comfortable with the idea of coaching because it is often the way we hone our skill set. It astounds me to see how many creatives do not seek coaching outside of honing their creative skills. There is no clear path for most of us as we navigate our way through the creative lifestyle and having a coach can be a game changer and the key to designing a creative life that you desire.

Mairin has a love not only for coaching but for creatives. Mairin is passionate, loving and always bettering herself and is dedicated to helping performers to live a creatively fulfilled life. She knows the unique challenges and emotions that come up for performers, having been a professional actor and director herself, and is able to connect intimately and give guidance that is tailored specifically to the lifestyle and goals of creatives.

“ Coaching is an act of love. You can’t coach people unless you love them.” – Eddie Robinson

In this episode:

  • What the benefits are of having a coach as an artist.
  • The one simple thing that we can start doing as artists to stay grounded in our most challenging moments
  • Why we need to start validating ourselves so we can shape our own career paths
  • How to manage the peaks and valleys of the creative lifestyle
  • The importance of marking transitions in your life and career

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A little about Mairin:

Mairin Smit is a Performance & Wellness Coach, yoga & meditation instructor, and founder of Five Winds – Performance & Wellness Coaching. She is passionate about helping performers achieve vitality, balance, and personal wellness throughout their performing careers. 

Mairin coaches performers using body & movement based methods and meditation techniques to help them prepare for and recover from the stress and intensity of performing. She also works with performers in need of a refresh to find focus and precision in their performing careers. 

Her clients in include actors, dancers, musicians, athletes and leaders & changemakers who spend significant time presenting in front of audiences. She has led workshops on yoga for performing, performance preparation and post-performance recovery at Canadian Stage, Toronto Fringe Festival, Hillside Festival, Ankh Yoga and Peel District School Board. 

Mairin is the author of the Five Winds Blog, where she writes about performance & wellness, and offers tips and ideas on how to stay balanced and healthy while living the life of a performer. Her writing on performance & wellness has been featured in Intermission Magazine and Elephant Journal. She is currently writing an e-book on post-performance recovery. 

Mairin holds an HBA in Theatre Performance from the University of Toronto. She is a certified yoga instructor in Hatha, Restorative, Yin and Chakra yoga and a Mindfulness meditation teacher. She served for 7 years as the Artistic Director of Glasswater Theatre, a Toronto, ON based independent theatre company committed to fostering new methods of performance creation and exploring the intersection between reality and theatricality. She has worked in Toronto and abroad as an actor, director, and arts administrator.

Mairin is currently based in Toronto, ON where she coaches performers in person, and online throughout the world.


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Facebook: @fivewindsperformance

Instagram: @mairinsmit



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