Exciting news for anyone who missed or wants to look back on our interview with the talented Dani Kind; we're releasing it again!

Actor Dani Kind from the hit TV Show Workin’ Moms is joining the conversation on Cue To Cue today!  I absolutely love my time with Dani. Dani let ‘er rip as we discuss all things creative living in this episode. Dani has a unique way of looking at life that encourages one to not sweat the small stuff and realize that it’s okay for things to be hard work. That is not a reason to stop pursuing something you love.

She reminded me that we have a capacity to hold more than we know and to go along for the ride and you will meet yourself on the other side where you will discover that you not only made it through but have grown in capacity to take on more.

In this episode:

  • The importance of finding the right fit when it comes to an agent and how you need to advocate for yourself
  • How to keep motivated as an artist and embrace hard work
  • Why it is important to begin in class as an actor
  • How she manages a busy career on set with young children and what motherhood has revealed about herself as an artist
  • Why we need to be willing to have uncomfortable conversations not only in our work but in our day to day life
  • The most meaningful moments for  her time on the set of Workin’ Moms

Dani Kind: How To Be Brave And Tell Your Truth In Your Work

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Dani:

Dani Kind stars as ‘Anne‘ in CBC's half-hour comedy series Workin' Moms and recurs as ‘Mercedes Gardner‘ in SyFy's hit series Wynonna Earp. She recently starred in Blue Ice Picture's thriller Banana Splits opposite Sara Canning and Steve Lund.

Other recent credits include CBS' Ransom, BET's In Contempt, and a supporting role alongside Peter Sarsgaard in Veena Sud's The Lie which premiered at TIFF 2018.     

Follow Dani!
twitter: @DaniKind
instagram: @danikindofficial


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