Joining the conversation on Cue To Cue Today is Artist/Performer/Entrepreneur, Rachel Beau! Rachel’s passion and energy is infectious Rachel is a perfect example of what happens when purpose, passion, artistry and the entrepreneurial spirit come together. Rachel is opening up about her journey to create combine her love for performing for instilling confidence in young people and how dealing with rejection and people telling her she was crazy to think she could start interactive dance party events and make money hasn’t always been easy but now understands that it is a part of every entrepreneurs right of passage.

In this episode:

  • How to successfully marry your love for performing with a successful business
  • Why business and art DO mix!
  • How to manage the energy of a room at live events
  • Why it is important to always be looking to improve and elevate your business as an artist
  • The challenges that artist entrepreneurs face and how to avoid the pitfalls

Rachel Beau: How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business And Thrive As An Artist

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Rachel:

Creator & CEO (PARTY STAR) of Rock’n’Beau Entertainment, Rachel is a professional entertainer who has starred in a variety of Events across the country primarily focusing on children’s entertainment.

Entrepreneur and Graduate of the Theatre Performance Conservatory Program at Humber Toronto, Rachel has an extensive background in Dance, Fashion and Musical Theatre. Rachel uses her strengths to boost the moral of children through her high-energy self- confidence building arts Program, POPSTAR ACADEMY as well as hosting interactive dance party shows for private and corporate clientele.

Underlining credentials include: Emcee Entertainer, Vancouver Canada Day at Canada Place, World Student Day Host Robson Square: Languages Canada, Canadian Family Magazine Dance Host, CO-Owner HAUS Artist Fashion Boutique Toronto and P&O Australia's Entertainment Host. 

Follow Rachel!

Instagram: @Rachel3eau | @rocknbeauparty

Facebook: @rocknbeauparties





Dance Party show, photobooth & tasty treats!

Saturday, September 28th 2019
5:30pm – 7:30pm





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