Have a great idea? Ya… you and everybody else! BUT… Here is the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. 

They move on their ideas and they fail at double the rate! They receive feedback faster and more often. So to the regular person, it looks like they have this secret recipe and they rocket to success but really they are just willing to get feedback all the time and then implement that feedback right away as to metabolize it into their being. They don't sit around sulking and licking their wounds. In fact, they don't see feedback as negative. They see it as necessary.

Well, whoop de do! Good for them?! Right? 

if you get stuck at the idea stage! Then today's episode of Cue To Cue is specifically for you! How do we move from the idea phase into implementation?  From Procrastinating into action! 

If you have an idea you have been sitting on and want to get moving on it be sure to DM me!! Shout it to the world! Start to hold yourself accountable! 

How To Stop Procrastinating On You BIG Ideas

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue



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