Creator/Speaker/Coach Michelle Leduc Catlin is joining the conversation today on Cue To Cue! Michelle is bringing her whole heart to the conversation today. She is opening up about her journey over the last 10 years when she had to stop working as an actor due to chronic fatigue.

Through journaling, Michelle has really come to know the essence of her true self and discovered her inner with and wisdom. Talking to Michelle is always an absolute joy and I learn so much every time we are together. Through her own awakening and process, she has come coaching and guiding others on how to find and trust their own inner wit and wisdom.

In this episode:

  • how to access your creativity through guided journaling
  • How to access your inner wit and wisdom
  • How to not let your ego define your value as an artist
  • how your greatest moments are in moments of surrender to your circumstances

Michelle Leduc- Gather Your Inner Wit And Wisdom

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Michelle:

Michelle Leduc Catlin started her career as a story producer at the dawn of lifestyle television in the late ‘80s, then transitioned to reporting, hosting, and eventually to acting.

In 1995 she also discovered the world of personal growth, beginning a lifelong path as both student and teacher.

In her career, she wrote and directed 2 award-winning short films and a critically- acclaimed one-woman show, all of which she performed in, before succumbing to chronic fatigue, 10 years ago (this month).

In January 2014, Michelle was forced to stop work altogether. Her solitude and reflection led to her greatest growth and, ultimately, peace and happiness.

As she continues to heal, Michelle has developed, an online resource to help achievers deal with uncertainty and unwanted circumstances, and discover their inner wit & wisdom.

F: @MichelleLeducCatlin

Photo shoot in collaboration with Sarah Stewart Photography



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