Improvisor/Actor Nigel Downer is joining the conversation on Cue To Cue! Nigel Energy and passion is off the charts! Anyone who comes into contact with Nigel will feel instantly his sense of warmth, curiosity, sense of humour and zest for life! Nigel leaves nothing on the table today and opens up about his journey to improv, acting and how as an artist you need to trust and believe that everything is going to work out for your greatest good!

In this episode:

  • What his Mantra in life is and how he uses it to propel himself forward as an artist
  • Why we need to embrace that success is not linear
  • What is one thing he wishes his improv students would do in order to progress faster
  • What is the number one piece of advice he would give to anyone starting improv
  • How playing sports growing up has impacted him as an artist and how he applies the lessons he learned from being an athlete to his career as an artist

Nigel Downer: Go In Hot And Burn The Place Down!

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Nigel:

Nigel wrote and performed in four critically acclaimed mainstage revues at The Second City, including Dream Really Do Come True (and Other Lies) and The Meme’ing of Life. Nigel was assistant director to The Second City’s mainstage revue Come What Mayhem!, has directed Toronto Fringe favourites, Not Oasis Presents: Alone In This Together and A Kev n’ Cal Mystery, while also performing in the Fringe in Special Constables and Entrances and Exits. Select TV: Baroness von Sketch Show (CBC), Killjoys (Syfy), and Titans (Netflix); Select Web: The Amazing Gayl Pile, Body Buds (CBC Comedy), and My 90-Year-Old Roommate (CBC Comedy). Nigel is in numerous Canadian and U.S national commercials for brands like Avocados from Mexico, Tim Hortons, and Walmart. Nigel is an improviser, teacher, director, and host, performing in shows and festivals across North America and the UK.

Follow Nigel!

Instagram: @nigel_downer

Twitter: @nigeldowner

Photoshoot in collaboration with Sarah Stewart Photography 



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