TV Host/Personality, Actor and Content Creator is joining the conversation on Cue To Cue! Kat and I have known each other for over a decade. We started out in our careers at the same time and I am so glad we have kept in touch all these years. It has been such a neat experience to watch her journey and find herself as an artist while I do the same.

Kat is playing in the acting and hosting space at the moment and loving it! She hopes to continue to broaden in this particular arena and is sharing with us everything she has learned on her journey as a Raptors in-game host, developing a raptors web series, to how hosting and interviewing has translated into social media into brand partnerships and other hosting opportunities.

In this episode:

  • How transitioning into the hosting arena forced her to really solidify how she is and own it
  • How to be your authentic self on social media and feel good about it
  • How to successfully grow your social media platform, even if you are a private person
  • Why there is no such thing as “post worthy”
  • How to determine what projects to say yes or no to
  • How to find inner peace in in a competitive industry

Kat Stefankiewicz: How To Share Your Authentic Artist On Social Media And Build Your Influence

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Kat:

Kat Stefankiewicz is one of Canada’s most recognized sports and on-air personalities most notably known for her role as the in-game and digital host of the Toronto Raptors and a host for NBA TV Canada. She is also a multi-platform digital personality and continues to make a mark as a rising influencer in the lifestyle and sports industries including her role as an Adidas ambassador. Her expressive passion for life, infectious energy and dynamic presence both on and off camera is what she is known for as she continues to leave her mark as an artist, storyteller, and entrepreneur.

A graduate of the renowned Music Theatre Performance program at Sheridan College, she started her professional career joining the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment family as a member of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak where she stood as captain for three years. Since then she has transitioned into hosting and has also been seen in blockbuster films such as the Incredible Hulk II, commercials, theatre and has hosted NBA Allstar weekend for the past three seasons, most recently in Los Angeles. She has also been featured in best-selling magazines, online publications, and books, sharing her journey and words of advice.

Recognizing the importance of philanthropy, Kat supports charities that are close to her heart including hands-on work with the Canadian Cancer Society, the MS Society of Canada, Ronald McDonald House and mental health initiatives including CAMH. Through her years with the Toronto Raptors, Kat is also heavily involved with the MLSE Foundation which provides support for the refurbishment of local athletic facilities and funds charities that support kids through sports and recreational programs.

Kat is a huge advocate of an active and healthy lifestyle for both the body and mind and is an avid runner, yoga enthusiast and spin instructor at Toronto’s Spokehaus. She tackles the entertainment world with genuine enthusiasm, class, and diversity, leaving an authentic and impactful impression on her audience.

Follow Kat!

F: @matterofkat

I: @matterofkat

T: @matterofkat

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