Performer / Teaching Artist / Creative Consultant Steve Smith is joining the conversation today! I am so excited to bring this episode to you today! Steve has such a unique career path and is such a brilliant example of someone who followed the signs instead of chasing the standard career path of a performer. When felt pulled in one direction or intrigued by certain opportunities he followed his curiosity and didn’t resist it because it wasn’t what it “what supposed to look like”.

I am a believer that things rarely turn out exactly how we think but if we make decisions based on our real-time evolution that they always end up being perfect for who we are as artists at that moment.

Steve is currently the Guest Talent Manager for Disney Performing Arts and is opening up about he journey to infinity and beyond!! ( Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

In this episode:

  • What you need to know if you are considering auditioning for Disney Performing Arts
  • Why we need to start embracing the things that we have been told that we should hide and make us “uncastable” in certain roles and start seeing them as the very things that will make us attractive, interesting and unique.
  • How he became a dialect coach for Warner Bros Studios in Australia coaching Australian actors on their American accents on set
  • How important it is to be aware as an artist when you are compromising your values and how you need to understand that it can affect the quality of your work
  • How important it is to “flex other creative muscles” in order for him to feel balanced and grounded as an artist.

Steve Smith: Magic Belongs To Those Who Dare To Be Authentic

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Steve:

Steve originally hails from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

He began his performance career as a character actor and stunt performer at Warner Village’s Australian entertainment destinations, Movieworld, and The Australian Outback Spectacular while also working on the Warner Bros lot as an acting and dialect coach for their production studios.  During this time he also served as senior Acting and Improvisation Teaching Artist for the Australian Acting Academy, where he had in years past been a student.

Steven’s unusual physique of 5”4’ and only 100lbs has provided him many unique and interesting opportunities both locally and internationally as a stunt/body-double for children and teenaged actors and he has also portrayed many licensed characters for entertainment leaders such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal. 

In 2005, Steven re-located to South-East Asia to assist in the implementation of theatre arts programs into the national education system of Hong Kong.  During this time he was also a creative liaison and character integrity specialist for several Hong Kong-based entertainment companies including assisting with opening cast-members of Hong Kong Disneyland.

In the years that followed Steve traveled to Japan to perform at Tokyo Disney Resort, and afterward moved to New York City before returning to the world of performing – this time, aboard Disney Cruise Line’s flagship, The Disney Magic.  He remained with DCL for several years, eventually moving into the role of Entertainment Character Manager.  During this time Steve was responsible for all onboard Disney and PIXAR Character standards and operation, new character enhancements, specialized Hawaiian and PIXAR- related program development, as well as character integrity management and the creative direction of all character related media involvement onboard.

After his time at sea, Steve relocated to Orlando, Florida – where he now lives with his Husband and their 2-year-old Son, Hudson.  Steve continued his journey with the Walt Disney Company and after a few years as an Entertainment and Production Stage Manager for Disney Parks Live Entertainment, he is now a Guest Talent Manager for Disney Performing Arts.  This role allows him to continue to share his passion for the Arts with young performers and allows him to assist in showcasing their talent on the international stage that is Walt Disney World.

Follow Steve!

Instagram: @stevecsmith



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