I am so excited to release this episode with Singer/Actor Nadine Roden on Cue To Cue!! With over 20 years as an artist, performing in the entertainment industry, she is sharing her big heart and opening up about her life as a performer.

I met Nadine when I was fourteen years old when I did my first musical theatre production, Jesus Christ Superstar! To put that in perspective, I am thirty- three now. I have not had the pleasure of working with her since!! Nadine and I were cast as the “Soul Sistas” in the final number. I remember thinking,  OMG! I get to sing beside Nadine! Nadine was this beautiful woman that was so kind to me and made me feel so welcomed and played a part in setting up such a positive experience for my first theatre production. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

My fourteen-year-old self was giddy with excitement when Nadine agreed to reconnect and come on the show! Let me tell you, time has been kind to her!! She looks exactly the same!! #notfair. She is as beautiful, kind, and funny as ever. I was so great to get to connect with her as an adult and have a heart to heart.

I dare you not to fall in love with her big heart and big laugh!!

In this episode:

  • How booking her first show gave her the confidence to quit her nine to five and go for it!
  • What advice she would give a person just starting out in the entertainment industry
  • What she believes performers need more of to have a healthy creative life
  • How to take the shame out of jealousy

Nadine Roden: How To Not Let Fear Rule And Stop Underestimating Yourself!

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Nadine:

Is a singer actress who has been performing professionally for nearly 20 years

Dog lover, food lover,  and music music lover. 

Got her start in the north American premiere company of Mamma Mia. 

Favourite credits include:  Tanya and Rosie Mamma Mia, Trix Drowsy Chaperone MTC and Theatre Calgary, Sylvia All Shook Up Stage West. 

Follow Nadine!

Instagram: @heydoll12



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