Making her second appearance on Cue To Cue is Singer/Music teacher/Entrepreneur Pamela Demetriou! Pam and I were discussing the nature of the entertainment industry and the stigma that can exist when a performer decides to leaves performing for whatever reason. Whether that be to start a family, have more stability in your life, pursue other creatives endeavors, or sometimes you just need a break! It is a reality that happens to many artists.  I immediately wanted Pam to come on and share her story of why she decided to stop pursuing performing and the process she went through mentally and emotionally while transitioning into a new life and how she has been able to l engage her creativity and build a life by design while highlighting another path that is open to creatives who might be considering different option or additions to their creative lifestyle.

In this Episode:

  • How to listen to your intuition and to know when it’s time to leave the business
  • How to design your life
  • What you need to be aware of as a “workaholic” while raising a family
  • How deciphering what kind of parent you want to be when starting a family can help you find your creative career path
  • The importance of having creative vision and striving towards the next project.

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Pamela Demetriou: Live A Creative Life By Design

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

A little about Pam:

Pamela is the proud owner and director of PS Studio’s Music Together, and has been teaching the program since 2014.  Before entering the teaching/mentoring world, Pamela was a professional Musical Theatre Performer, working with Stage West (Vagina Monologues), Drayton Entertainment (Anne of Green Gables, My Fair Lady) , Theatre Orangeville (A Christmas Carol), Moonpath Productions (Totally Scrooged), TIFT (Emily), ACT Productions (I Love You You're Perfect Now Change, Tick Tick Boom), Oh Canada Eh? (Rocky Horror) and many others.  Pamela was a part of the CBC miniseries ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria' and finished in the top 40 finalists for the role of Maria VonTrapp in the Mirvish Production of The Sound of Music.  Pamela sang with Donny Osmond in 1997 in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and performed for the Queen of England in 2002.  You can hear Pamela as the voice of Miss Harbor on the Children's TV series ‘Paws and Tales' and see her on the front of the ‘EZ Up Closet Organizer' at Canadian Tire.  

After getting married and having two baby girls, Pamela decided to pursue the Music Together® program, which is geared to children from ages 0-5 and their parents.  Pamela opened her centre in 2014 and has since expanded to serve over 100 families in the Orangeville and surrounding area.  Pamela also enjoys mentoring and teaching aspiring professional performers and has the opportunity to do just that with the Theatre Orangeville Young Company. So far she has directed five productions with the Young Company including: Seussical, Into The Woods, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, and Mary Poppins.  Next summer Pamela will be directing their epic production of Les Miserables, and could NOT be more excited about it!

“I am passionate about connecting with people through music and I encourage my students to find and express themselves in their work.  At the end of the day, the best thing I can offer my students, both young and old, is the permission to communicate LOVE in every possible way. Thank you, Chelsea Johnson, for allowing me to share my story on Cue To Cue!”  

Connect with Pam!

Facebook: @psstudiosmusictogether

Instagram: @musictogetherorangeville



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