What do you do when your life feels like complete chaos? As artists, life can get kinda crazy trying to keep up with all of the projects, jobs, commitment, cabarets, auditions just to keep pursuing our passion. Just me?

A few months back I did a solo round on Cue To Cue entitled, What To Do When Life Pulls You From The life You Are Creating. At that time, I made some decisions consciously knowing that my life would become pretty chaotic by choosing to move forward with those decisions. I had a plan to manage the chaos and I shared that with you. Today, I am checking in to share with you where I am in the chaos. What worked. What did not. What I have learned.  I do not have it all figured out ( not that I think anyone thinks I do) but what I have learned in the past four months, that has been very difficult at times both emotionally and physically and has thrust me into a deeper level of self-commitment and responsibility and given me the clarity to how I want my life to feel as I move through it.

As we approach the Holiday season, full of Christmas shows, cabarets, industrials and some potentially stressful seasonal work, and sometimes doing all of them at once, I hope some of these things that I have learned can help you tackle this holiday season as the feeling of chaos can cause us to call every decision we have made into question .

Chelsea Johnson: Find Clarity In The Chaos

by Chelsea Johnson | Cue to Cue

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