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Jennifer Walls: The Road To Authenticity And Becoming A Grown Ass Woman

To say I had a good time with Jennifer Walls would be an understatement. We laughed, talked about The Labyrinth and geeked out over 8-tracks tape players. Jennifer is one of those relationships where we are friends on Facebook but have never really spent any time...
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Ray Lyell: Serve Others With Your Creativity

Cue To Cue has hit the year mark you guys! I thought what a better idea than to have the person who helped me kick it off help me commemorate this milestone! Ray Lyell is joining me on today’s episode to help celebrate and to continue the conversation! Ray really...
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Sheila McCarthy: Reinventing Yourself, Bringing Your Nerves Into The Room, And Remembering To Play!

Sitting down with me on Cue To Cue – the performers' podcast today is Actor/Director/Writer, Sheila McCarthy! I had a blast doing this interview with Sheila! Although she has amassed quite a body of work through the years and many awards to go with it, what I loved...
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What To Do When Life Pulls You From The Life You Are Creating

What do you do when life throws you curve balls? Especially if you are living out loud and you’re are on a mission to make you dreams and goals a reality? Do you give up? Give in? Appease people? Do you blow up? In this solo round of Cue To Cue I am taking you through...
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Denise Donlon: Fearless As Possible (Under The Circumstances)

All I have to say about my conversation with media and music executive, Denise Donlon, is “ I wanna be her when I grow up!”  Denise struck me as someone who has managed to have an immense amount of success and has been able to remain grounded and open to sharing her...
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