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Jay Prychidny: Hone Your Craft, Take Risks, And The Power Of Collaboration

The one thing that I have always thought about when it comes to the relationship between editors and actors was…well… it is pretty non-existent. The worlds are pretty far apart yet we are so heavily reliant on the product that both sides of the equation produce in...
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Step Into Your Resistance!

When we are motivated and feeling on top of the world things feel easy. Tasks feel effortless, everything seems clear, advice flows like water, and no task seems too challenging. What about when we don’t feel like doing the things we know we need to do to get to our...
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Jeff Clarke: How To Get Out Of Your Way And Tell Great Stories

Actor Jeff Clarke is joining the conversation on Cue To Cue today! How I know Jeff to be is a pretty approachable and open guy. When I first met him I thought here is someone who is easy to talk to kind of easy going and open. The more I get to know him the more I...
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Jeigh Madjus: Finding Success As An Artist By Being Your True Self

How do we find the strength to be ourselves as artists? To go with the flow of how other people see us yet still remain true to who we are and our own vision for ourselves and career? Talk about a delicate balance! Singer/Actor Jeigh Madjus is joining the conversation...
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Mairin Smit: How To Perform Your Best And Live The Creative Life You Want

Performance and Wellness Coach Marin Smit joins us on Cue To Cue today! I am a huge advocate of Mentors and Coaches. Almost everything that I am most proud of that I have accomplished in my life can be connected to someone who could help me see my blind spots,...
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